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The July edition of the Bengaluru Freethinkers meet happened yesterday (26th July 2015) at the National Gallery of Modern Art. The topic of discussion was selected a couple of months in advance.

The effects of superstition on the way we think was the topic and this time it was a little more structured than usual. Ajay Basarur had agreed to lead the discussion as he was the one who had suggested this topic. The discussion started around 40 minutes late. The total attendance was a modest seven. That also meant very few introductions.

Ajay started by giving us a premise about the topic with real and hypothetical examples. The first set exploring if certain superstitious people suffer from OCD. The second set of examples tried to establish the emergence of superstitious behavior due to anxiety or depression. The point was if such mental conditions could be held responsible for at least some superstitious behavior?

Lilith courtesy Wikimedia Foundation

Lilith courtesy Wikimedia Foundation

As the discussion opened up, it was agreed that none of us were qualified to validate such assumptions when experts themselves are divided over various issues. The magnitude of the irrational behavior, the harm such behavior does to the person who practices it, the reasons that drive people to exhibit such behavior etc. were some of the points touched upon in the subsequent discussion.

The conversation gradually shifted to other issues ranging from TV series and black metal to a freethought event that would happen during the next weekend. As per schedule the next meeting would be on 30th August 2015. The topic chosen is Violence versus Cruelty in what we eat.  This is in the context of protest against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and also to question the subjective morality within the freethinking community. Requesting the participants to share links for further reading/ arguments shared in the meeting.