What is this about?

UntitledYou are on a page, which looks at all things which are wrong (or not right) in society today. This is not a place where you will find political, financial or sex scandals. The posts here could be simplistic,uninformed or even hearsay at times. The gist of this ‘disclaimer’ is not to blindly believe everything you read here (or anywhere). That is the frame of mind which would enable you to see a ‘conspiracy’.

I can’t clearly remember when it started, but it is a thought which persisted for quite a long time since my early childhood. I never seriously believed it was true, but I wondered if everyone around me was putting on an act. What if the whole world revolved around me? A bit like The Truman Show, but for real. I grew out of it once I realized it was something cooked up by my massive ego. I guess it is only human, after all we did think the whole universe revolved around earth just because we are on it. Reading about Subjective Reality recently brought back those memories. I do not give much merit to that line of thought now.

Every once in a while there comes a situation where you are forced to choose. Those are the moments when I think why making the choice is inevitable and what are the forces which are forcing me to choose. My focus here would be to identify the people and institutions who force us to live in a particular way. Those who are hell-bent on making people live in a certain way. There are always more options than what is thrust in your face. There are more ways to lead your life than the one prescribed by the society. When you deny all those endless options to be safe and settled, you are only limiting your potential.

Butchi is my nickname, named after Butch Cassidy from the 1969 American film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

A bit more about me

A casual blogger and wannabe writer, selling miscellaneous services in monthly packages to corporate clients indefinitely to make ends meet.

Discovering a new passion every other week and dreaming up imaginary careers and lifestyles account for much of my time. I have a pathological aversion to conventions and norms. On a never ending quest to find reason and logic in every little thing I come across. Puzzled by popular beliefs and attracted to anything out of the ordinary. Searching for madness and radical thinking in everyone I meet.

Being an introvert, life online provides me the opportunity to express myself and exchange thoughts and ideas.

  1. Crishy says:

    Interesting thoughts Butchi! Good luck lets hear more from you šŸ™‚

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