Identify The Conspirators

There is a school of thought which believes that free will is not possible. At least not in its absolute sense. We may be free to make a choice or do the things which we wish to do. Ultimately every decision we make is influenced by our needs, beliefs, preferences, limitations and our state of mind. Our beliefs and outlook may not be our own at all. We usually inherit our core beliefs from our parents. If those beliefs are reinforced by our teachers and friends it grows stronger. Much of our decision making would also be biased by our past experiences. If our experiences contradict with our inherited stream of thought, then we tend to question the belifs which we never thought were questionable. This process of questioning is perhaps what makes us unique. We all have different belief systems. Our ideas of what is right and what is wrong may vary.

There are strong forces which try to influence our thoughts. In effect this determines the way we live. So if you need to be truly independent you need to identify these forces in your life. As I express my ideas here which may or may not influence you, I have also been accused of being a conspirator. I see myself only as a commentator and not a leader. In any case I don’t have the kind of influence to cause a social change in a significant way. We have all heard of the benefits of being open-minded. Only once you identify your limiting beliefs and are exposed to other streams of thoughts do you even become aware of your perspective. My intention here is to profile these powerful forces which shape our beliefs and guide our thought process.


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